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Assessment Centers
Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What type of facility can be used to properly conduct an assessment process?
A A variety of facilities have been utilized ranging from church school buildings, community / senior centers, vacant office buildings, hotels, or community or private college classroom buildings to name just a few.

Q How many rooms or areas are required?
A - Typically a minimum of six and preferable eight rooms. An example of the needs includes: Operational Scenario two adjacent rooms / Interpersonal Activity two rooms / Presentation Exercise two rooms / one room for assessor breaks and lunch and one room to serve as a candidate holding room.

Q How early in the process should we involve JTS?
A - The earlier the better. We often can provide input on reference materials for written examinations based on developing and administering numerous examinations during the past several years. Other assistance that can be provided as a standard element in the scope of work includes scheduling a candidate seminar shortly after the promotional announcement is published as well as providing input to the various aspects of the process.

Q How important is it to have a job task analysis?
A -
It is very important if a process is going to be defensible? The courts and even some arbitrators are ruling that a process is biased and therefore invalid if a good job task analysis (JTA) has not been completed. We encourage all clients to verify that a JTA exists or have us complete one utilizing the DACUM process. A DACUM can be completed rapidly (2-3 weeks) and is relatively inexpensive.

Q How long after a process is completed can the results be returned?
A The typical turn around time is ten to fourteen days.

Q How do we obtain assessors?
A The most cost effective way is to participate in the assessor exchange program. The JTS Association maintains a list of departments that participate in an exchange program, i.e., a department will provide you an assessor provided that you will provide one to them when they are conducting a process. If desired JTS can provide assessors if the department does not wish to participate in the exchange program. This option obviously has a cost associated with this approach.

Q Do you use a published test bank to develop examination questions?
A No. The JTS Association has developed its own questions banks from popular reference sources. All other questions are developed specifically for the written examination being prepared.

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